Guisados DTLA – Coming Soon!

Guisados DTLA – Coming Soon!

The Spring Arcade is going through a transformation and bringing lots of yummy goodness to Downtown LA! Crepes Sans Frontieres, an authentic French creperie, opened it's doors in September 2013, launching a series a great eateries to come.

Gelateria Uli opened its doors in April 2014 in the Spring Arcade.

Gelateria Uli was the 2nd to join the Spring Arcade gallery, opening it's doors last month in April and offering house-made, seasonal gelato and sorbet and also serving fine drip coffee, espresso drinks, and pastries.

Guisados is next! I visited the Echo Park location yesterday to get my fix and had the chance to briefly speak with co-owner, Armando, who's extremely excited and anxious for their 3rd location to open.  Guisados DTLA was originally slated to open since November 2013, but the unanticipated delays of city approval on construction have been postponing their open date. Construction is moving along quickly now, so hopefully we can get our Guisados fix walking distance from us soon!


I love the vegetarian and pescetarian options at Guisados. They offer more than just rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, and cheese for vegetarians. They have calabacitas (squash & corn) and hongas (mushroom) tacos that are so flavorful and absolutely delicious! I also like their pescado (fish) taco. Their soft corn tortillas are freshly hand-made in-house and you can watch them make it right outside their window at the Echo Park location.

I'm excited and can't wait for them to open so that I can just walk there day or night as they're planning to open late nights on the weekends! Hopefully, they'll open by this Summer.

The Spring Arcade is located in the Historic Core of DTLA, between 5th an 6th Streets (closer to 6th) and goes through from Spring Street to Broadway.

Spring Arcade
541 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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