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Joybird Wellness | 10% OFF

Joybird Wellness | 10% OFF
Based here in sunny Los Angeles, Joybird Wellness brings amazingly refreshing Full Spectrum CBD beverages. CBD should be a joyful experience people have in their day-to-day lives, and Joybird is here to deliver that experience. Joybird comes in three delicious flavors made with all-natural ingredients, low calories & sugar, and superior quality CBD. Whether you grab a bottle to recover from an intense workout, to get a better night's sleep, to stay focused at work, or to just relieve daily tension and stress, Joybird is sure to help get you on your way to being the best YOU.
(CBD is a natural extract from the hemp plant. It has been shown to stimulate to help with anxiety, pain and inflammation and aid with sleep. It is not psychoactive.)
Get 10% OFF your order of Joybird Wellness beverages when you use coupon code DTLA10.

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