DTLA Rendezvous Premium Membership FAQs

DTLA Rendezvous Premium Membership Card
The DTLA Rendezvous Premium Membership card offers members discounts and special offers at Downtown LA businesses as well as special benefits at signature DTLA Rendezvous events.

Why digital membership cards?
No need to carry another physical card in your wallet/pocket and easy access to your digital card on your smart phone.  Just save it to a new/separate album so that it doesn’t get pushed back as you take more photos from your phone.  Also, digital cards are more environmentally friendly eliminating the use of plastic, ink, machinery, and all the packaging that comes along with those items.

Will more DTLA businesses participate in the program?
YES!  We are working on it!  Please check back often as we are constantly seeking out new deals for you!

Privacy Policy
DTLA Rendezvous does not sell or exchange our members’ information to anyone.

Other Questions
Can’t find the answers to your questions?  Please feel free to contact us! We are always open to your questions, suggestions, and comments!  Click here to contact us.

DTLA Rendezvous Premium Membership Terms & Conditions

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