Sexy Lunch Club | $1 Sexy Lunch + Delivery (June 2017)

Sexy Lunch Club | $1 Sexy Lunch + Delivery (June 2017)

Who has time in their day to wait in lines? Why settle for "eh, it was ok" food? Instead, TREAT YOURSELF one day a week with a delicious, fancy, healthy meal.

Sexy Lunch Club's vegetarian and vegan lunches are made with the freshest organic ingredients from local farmers and delivered to you in DTLA with zero-carbon footprint.

Use promo code RENDEZVOUS to get a $1 Sexy Lunch + Delivery during the month of June 2017! YES! For realz! It's only one dollah!
*Delivery limited to boundaries in DTLA. Freshness guaranteed.

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(213) 448-0410
Catering available.
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